Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Abstract Action Painter...What the heck is that?

Some of you who don't know me well might be wondering "what in the world is an Abstract Action Painter"?  And why would anyone want to call themselves that?

Let me try to explain in one sentence...

"I use passionate movement to express my work in vibrant colors streaming across large canvases." 

With that said, that alone doesn't constitute an Abstract Action Painter.  It's more the fact that I get just as much joy from the process of painting as I do from the finished productSometimes the process is even more fun but the excitement comes with the finale!

If you want to know more, please comment here or Facebook me:

Nicole Royer - Artist's Statement:

"My inspirations as an Artist come from connecting color, movement, energy and space to emotions and the human psyche.

I draw my viewers in using layered texture and passionate movement onto large canvases.

My goal is to have you experience fresh, unique breathtaking Abstract Art.

I would love for you to think about the feeling you get from being engulfed by a painting and then after reading the title, going back to it to see how it has changed your viewpoint."

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring 2012 - Barcelona Shopping!

After an exciting 2 week trip to Barcelona, Paris and Rome, I have plenty of Fashion stories to share!

This post will display my "window shopping" as well as unique pieces I bought in that darn expensive Euro to USD conversion rate.  Please give feedback on what you think.  I would love to hear your stories and/or comments.

My first day's experience with Barcelona was impressive.  Taking in the fresh city air, my first Fashion find was an organic baby clothing store.  So adorable! 

Second, we went to the Encants Vells, an open air market where every kind of item was sold.  I saw some overpriced second-hand leather bags there so I couldn’t pick up any for my painting projects.  There were a lot of low-quality clothes & accessories but they did sell some pretty fabrics & lace.  I guess I just wasn't in the mood. 

At this beautiful park my husband & I discovered on day 2, the color and textures of this flowering plant were inspiring. 

I also loved the cement lace detail of this Queen's dress. 

In the center of town, Conti had some beautiful clothes.  I bought these unique sequin shorts : )   There were lots of semi-expensive clothing and furniture stores.

At Sagrada Familia, a famous church built by Antonio Gaudi (where the word "Gaudi" came from - cool!), I took a photo of the crowd of visitors to capture the mood of the weather and how everyone was dressed that day.  I love how the purple skirt & tights of the lady with the brown leather jacket, bag & shoes matches perfectly!

Dinner at Port Vell called for a little dressing up so I wore my new plastic ring (purchased that day for 3 Euros on the street), a Nicole Royer original leather bracelet, my yellow diamond (which won't ever leave my finger), my new Barcelona necklace made from pressed wool and silver beads (only 6 Euros) and my favorite BirdQueen designs shrink film inkjet-printed earrings. 

Scooter - check, scarf - check, graffiti - check.  You know you're in Barcelona now! 

We visited the Poble Espanyol on our last day in Spain and I bought a red leather cut-out bracelet from Diana Cristo, one of the local artisans.  Here are some of her other pieces. 

With so many talented Artists in one place, I was definitely inspired.  I made a new friend, Sanudo, who didn’t speak much English but I got to practice my Spanish.  His leather designs were works of Art.  He even made some pieces and framed them just like a painting.  I’d never thought of leather work this way before!

I made a last minute purchase from Desigual, a new-ish company that is all about Art on clothing.  I love my new shoes!!! 

Next time, check back for my posts on Paris and Rome! 

Please share your stories with me. 

XOXO – Nicole