Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Impressionism Inspirations" - Spring/Summer 2014 Abstract Paintings by Nicole Royer!

Spring has Sprung c 2014 Nicole Royer
I can't believe I'm saying this but
we are wrapping up
Summer 2014 already!
Nicole Royer
c 2014 Christian Kaye Photography

The news of a close friend and repeat buyer of mine passing a few days ago made me realize how short and sweet this lifetime really is.  It reminds me to never stop creating new Art from my soul to share with the world and to live every day with my family as if it were my last.  I hope to entice you to choose to read my blog over millions of others out there not just to see the beautiful Artwork but to connect with me as a person.  

I want to share some of my 2014 Spring-Summer paintings with you.  Please connect with me on FaceBook, here on my Blog, through Twitter or by email.  All of these pieces are available for display at your gallery or for sale directly.  

Spring 2014 c 2014 Nicole Royer

Swirls c 2014 Nicole Royer
Through Seaweed c 2014 Nicole Royer

Reflections at Giverny c 2014 Nicole Royer

Purple Flower Power Explosion c 2014 Nicole Royer
I hope to hear from you and I wish you well.  Take care of you and yours and God will take care of you.

- Nicole Royer

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